100% Natural Formula

The product has been formulated with natural ingredients only.

No preservatives, thickeners, or other synthetic ingredients, that are not of vegetable origin, have been used.

Natural Forumla

Green Formula

Products formulated with natural ingredients in which it was necessary to use preservatives, thickeners or binders.

The logo "Bio Thai Natural Products" certifies that all ingredients are of vegetable origin.

Ingredients The best ingredients from Asia Research Research for the most exclusive and innovative natural active principles Design Creativity meets Italian design Certifications Certifications and European standard processes


Perfect integration of the Eastern traditions with the aesthetics professionalism of the Western operators.

Bio Thai philosophy starts form the use of the best ingredients provided by nature, respecting their integrity and checking each transformation process from beginning to the end of the production process.

A line of professional cosmetics that are unique in the world for quality, naturalness and effectiveness.

All the products that make up our cosmetic lines are characterized by a high concentration of active principles, while respecting the health of people and the environment.

Professional specialization in Bio Functional Aesthetics
Professional Training in Techniques and Wellness working methods

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